Gogebic County Fairgrounds
648 West Cloverland Drive
Ironwood Michigan 49938

2015 is in the record books.....
The 2015 Ironwood Snowmobile Olympus is in the books. How do we say Thank You in a truly appropriate way? I don't know if we really can, but let us start with this. We need to thank both Red's Auto of Ironwood and Northern Clearing, Inc of Ashland for taking on the Title Sponsorship for the race. Great people who are truly excited by ice oval racing. In addition to Red's and NCI, we had more than 20 other primary sponsors who supported the race. Thank you to each and everyone of you.

The fans - Yes, the fans. Did they show up in 2015 or what? They packed the stands, trackside parking was full all the way around turn 1 & 2, food, beverage and clothing sales were strong. The fans showed up so much that we had to open more parking areas during the day on Saturday. And the drivers love seeing the stands full during the race line up. Thanks Fans - You guys rock. 

USSA Group and the Race Teams - Well, we couldn't do it without you. Some drove 60 miles, some drove 600 miles, and a few drove more than a 1000 miles. Incredible - Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. You make the event what it is. Your professionalism is outstanding, Your willingness to meet and greet media, VIPs, kids, and fans doesn't go unnoticed. Thank you for representing your sport so well. Please come back!

Volunteers - The entire Ironwood Snowmobile Olympus is run by volunteers. Not one paid person. Do we abuse you? Probably, but you always respond. From the summer planning meetings and hay making days to the fall track prep to the crazy December schedule to the cold January clean up - we appreciate it all. The event relies on a great track, great services, and a friendly smile along the way. On behalf of everyone involved - Thank you for making a great weekend.

So Thank You - 2015 was OUTSTANDING (at least Saturday). 2016 can only be better if we all pull together once more in an effort to bring the fast and historic 1/2 mile back to life - "Where Legends Race!"
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